His scientific work has been acknowledged by the international scientific community because:

  • He has published 302 articles in reputable international scientific journals, books, and proceedings of international scientific conferences, with review in the full text by international scientific committees.
  • Part of his scientific work has been produced within the framework of competitive funded European Research and Development programs, the approval of which has been achieved through a series of successive evaluations by academics and industry experts to ensure the originality of research at international level
  • His scientific work is gaining international acknowledgement as it results from the citations and the Impact Factor of the scientific journals in which it has been published.



Google Scholar: Total number of citations: 7.000

Scopus: Total number of citations: 4.165

Research Gate: Total number of citations: 5.167



His h-index is calculated in the following citation databases as follows:

  • Scopus h-index: 34
  • Google Scholar h-index: 42
  • Google Scholar i10-index: 126
  • Research Gate h-index: 37
  • Research Gate h-index (excluding self-citations): 30