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Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics. He is the Director of the Laboratory of Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS), has been the Deputy Head of the Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics Department of the University of Patras from 2017 to 2020 and the Director of the Design and Manufacturing Division from 2015 to 2017. He is teaching seven (7) undergraduate and four (4) postgraduate courses. His main research interests are focused in the area of Manufacturing Systems, Robots Automation and Virtual Reality in Manufacturing and Manufacturing Processes Modelling and Energy Efficiency. He is also actively involved in Digital Transformation and Implementation of Industry 4.0 practices, both at a National and International level.

He is an elected Fellow Member of the International Academy for Production Research (CIRP), member of the European Factories of the Future Association (EFFRA), member of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), member of the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP WG 5.7) – Advances in Production Management Systems, member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), coordinator of the Greek Manufuture Network (GMN), member of the European Manufacturing and Innovation Research Association (EMIRACLE) and also member of the European Aeronautics Science Network / Association (EASN). Finally, he is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).

He is the coordinator of particularly important projects of Manufacturing Innovation and Circular Economy, in the framework of major European initiatives such as: the European Factories of the Future Research Association – EFFRA, the European Institute of Innovation & Technology – EIT and specifically the project EIT Manufacturing – EIT M, with the participation of more than fifty (50) European partners under the coordination of the Laboratory of Manufacturing Systems and Automation which he directs, as well as national innovation initiatives such as the Association of Industrial Production Companies – HEPHASTUS. He is also coordinating the creation of MANUHUB @ WG in the framework of the European Commission’s ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs – I4MS initiative, having vast experience in establishing, operating and developing regional industrial and innovative systems, as well as projects which are part of the Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization (RIS3), having participated in the training process (workshops, etc.) of the Strategic Research and Technology for the Smart Specialization for the Region of Western Greece.

As part of his research activities and in particular, in the field of applied research, he has participated in twenty three (23) research projects funded by International and National Resources, as coordinator and senior researcher, with a total budget of 4,412,803 € for the University of Patras (managed by the Research Committee of the University of Patras – ELKE) acquiring extremely great experience. He has also participated and organized the preparation and submission of a large number of proposals for European and Greek funded research projects. A significant number of these proposals has been approved for funding and has been successfully completed under the auspices of the Research Committee of the University of Patras, contributing to the research and technological development of Laboratory of Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS) and University of Patras. Laboratory of Manufacturing Systems and Automation, which he directs, has participated in a total of more than one hundred and fifty (150) research projects funded by International and National Resources, with an overall budget of more than 50 million Euros for the University of Patras (managed by ELKE) during the last twenty-five years. He maintains long-term partnerships with a large number of industrial partners, research centers, and universities, as well as high-tech companies at international level.

He is enrolled in the Registry of Certified Evaluators of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology – GSRT and has participated in the evaluation of research projects in multiple calls. He is also a reviewer of research projects at IKY (State Scholarships Foundation) as well as at international organizations i.e. European Commission, Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research MIUR, Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), Chilean National Science and Technology Commission (CONICYT – Chile), Member of Research Promotion Foundations’ (RPF) Innovation and Research Information Systems (IRIS) and others.

He has been the coordinator of the innovative educational activity for engineers; Teaching Factories – “New training methods of the Engineer” on the subject of education and training of students – future young engineers, in close collaboration with industry. At an international level he is the Faculty Liaison representing University of Patras in the iPodia program, with participation of the Universities of Technion from Israel (TEC), RTWH of Aachen, Southern California (USC), Shanghai (SJTU), Taiwan National University (NTU), A&M University of Florida (FAMU), the National university of Mexico (UNAM) and the Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil (UFRGS). In the context of iPodia, he gives lectures to engineering students along the lines of the Digital Transformation and the new model of the 4th Industrial Revolution. He has also been the Scientific coordinator of two (2) Summer Schools in collaboration with the European Organization BEST (Board of European Students of Technology).

He is a reviewer in ninety (90) international scientific journals with a high Impact Factor, and in a large number (37) of international scientific conferences. He participates as a Μember of Editorial Board at four (4) International Scientific Journals with a high Impact Factor. More specifically, he is Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing – IJCIM, (Impact Factor: 2.861) (Link 1), Member of the Editorial Board (Area Editor) of the International Journal of Computers & Industrial Engineering (Impact Factor: 4.135) (Link 2), Member of the Editorial Board in the field of Mechanical Engineering of the International Journal Applied Sciences, (Impact Factor: 2.474) (Link 3) and Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Advances in Manufacturing (Impact Factor: 2.568) (Link 4). He has also participated as a Guest Editor in four (4) International Scientific Journals with high impact factor. He has co-organized fifteen (15) International Scientific Conferences in Greece and has been a member of ninety-nine (99) committees of International Scientific Conferences. He has given more than one hundred (100) scientific presentations and guest talks at international organizations.

He has a significant contribution to doctoral research (participation in 42 dissertations) and postgraduate research (participation in 18 dissertations) as Supervisor and Member of Advisory and Examination Committees, both at a National and International level, several of which were carried out in collaboration with National and International manufacturing companies.

He has published more than two hundred and fifty (256) scientific papers, of which ninety (90) at highly regarded international scientific journals, one hundred and twenty three (123) at international scientific conferences, twenty eight (28) chapters in books, nine (9) editorials, four (4) white papers and three (3) at Greek scientific conferences. The unique citations of his published work exceed 7,000 according to the databases: Scopus, ISI Web of Knowledge, Google Scholar και Research Gate.

He also presents important administrative work through his participation in committees of both the University of Patras (Technical Council, Tender Committees, etc.) and the Region of Western Greece.

More information: 1) Scopus, 2) Google Scholar, 3) Research Gate

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